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Why buy "expensive" fish oil?

You can get omega-3 from plant sources or animal sources.

Plant sources (chia seed, flaxseed, walnut, etc.) contain ALA omega-3, but to be used, your body must convert this to the EPA and DHA forms of omega-3. This conversion rate is less than 15%. You have to eat a lot of flaxseed to get your omega-3 needs met.

Fish oil already has EPA and DHA, which the body can use without conversion. There are different forms of fish oil – ethyl esters, triglycerides, and monoglycerides.

  • monoglycerides are absorbed (even without digestive enzymes)
  • triglycerides can be stored and transported and then broken down to monoglycerides
  • ethyl esters are not found in nature but are created when fish oil is processed to remove heavy metals. Your body needs to rebuild the ethyl ester form to the triglyceride form to be transported throughout the body. This process can increase free radicals in the body and raise oxidative stress levels. Ethyl ester is the most common form available because it is the cheapest.

Because it's better for you and a better value.

Most fish oil is in ethyl ester form. It is the cheapest and least well-absorbed. Since the other forms are better absorbed, they can cost less per 1000 grams absorbed, even though the cost per capsule is more. What matters most is how much is absorbed and used.

  • triglyceride form is absorbed 71% better than ethyl esters.
  • The monoglyceride form is absorbed 300% better than ethyl ester.

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