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You can improve memory and focus at any age!

Learn how to reverse declines in intellectual ability. (1) Yes, that's possible, and I can show you evidence. For years, I've taught nursing students the Psychology of Adulthood and Aging and helped them uncover many misconceptions about "normal age-related memory loss." I can do the same for you.

I offer 4 opportunities for healthy aging and optimal brain health.

  1. Brain Health for Total Health is a personalized program.

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The program adapts the 6 Pillars of Brain Health from the Cleveland Clinic:

  • movement/exercise
  • nutrition
  • sleep and relaxation,
  • brain-stimulating activities
  • relationships & social connection
  • stress reduction

I've added individualized assessments (genetics and nutritional labs), personalized eating plans, and any needed nutritional supplementation – personalized based on your lab work and genetics.

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Schedule an informational visit with me here. It's a free 10 - 15 minute phone call or Zoom video chat to discuss the program, your needs, and options.

  1. The Journey of Adulthood is an online class coming in October 2023. It's the class I taught nursing students for years – newly updated and without tests or grades! This is an excellent class to examine your personal journey of adulthood. It also helps you understand what's normal and what's optimal for your aging parents' development.

The class will have on-demand video seminars for each topic listed below. Readings are "assigned" for your interest. There is an option for live (via Zoom) questions and answer sessions.

  1. Introduction to Adult Development
  2. Physical Changes
  3. Health and Health Disorders
  4. Cognitive Abilities
  5. Social Roles
  6. Social Relationships
  7. Work and Retirement
  8. Personality
  9. The Quest for Meaning
  10. Stress, Coping, and Resilience
  11. Death and Bereavement
  12. The Successful Journey

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  1.  Preventing Alzheimer's is a video series featuring experts in brain health and aging, with my comments.

    Leading experts in brain health – show us how to have a healthy brain and give you cutting-edge information revealing how to maintain brain health into old age and live a long, healthy, fulfilling life.


This is available only in the members' area of our online library.

Topics include:

  1. The Alzheimers Epidemic
  2. Untangling Alzheimers
  3. Alzheimer's Prevention Tool Kit
  4. How to Change Your Brain for the Better
  5. Diabtese and Alzheimers
  6. Eatign to Prevent Alzheimers
  7. The Gut-Brain Connection
  8. Stress and Alzheimers
  9. Move for a Better Brain
  10. The Power of Sleep, Nature's Brain Tonic
  11. Avoiding Brain Tozins, The Role of Your Environment
  12. Support Your Brain with Supplements

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  1. Educational articles and classes Learn the basics of healthy aging and develop a plan for your journey. Enroll in this site's membership (only a free membership is available for now) and make suggestions about which topics you want me to address next. I'm doing this day-by-day, and your input will guide what I do next.

Page References

1. Bee, Helen, Bjorklund, Barbara R.  The Journey of Adulthood. Prentice Hall, 2000 p. 135 & 2020

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